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About Nature Soak

Our Nature Soak solution is a game-changer when it comes to water retention in ground soil, significantly reducing the frequency of required watering while enhancing the healthy growth of trees and plants. Nature Soak is beneficial for practically all forms of agriculture, horticulture, and gardening, from fields, orchards, and vineyards to lawns, grass sports fields, parks, gardens, flower beds, plant pots, and boxes.


By incorporating Nature Soak into the soil, it acts as a natural water reservoir, efficiently absorbing and storing moisture. This moisture is gradually released to the roots of plants, ensuring a consistent water supply and reducing the need for frequent watering. This water-saving feature not only conserves this precious resource but also provides convenience to farmers, gardeners, and landscape enthusiasts by minimizing the time and effort spent on irrigation.


Moreover, Nature Soak is enriched with plant nutrients, further enhancing the growth and vitality of trees and plants. These nutrients are gradually released alongside the water, providing essential nourishment to support healthy plant development. By incorporating Nature Soak into the soil, growers can reduce their reliance on growth fertilizers, promoting more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.


Nature Soak's unique properties not only improve water efficiency but also optimize nutrient uptake and foster robust root development. This leads to stronger, more resilient plants with increased resistance to drought, heat stress, and other environmental challenges.


Whether you're managing large-scale agricultural operations, tending to a flourishing garden, or maintaining a small flower bed, Nature Soak is an invaluable tool. It enhances water efficiency, reduces the need for growth fertilizers, promotes plant health, and ensures sustainable growth across diverse agricultural and gardening practices. Embrace Nature Soak to bid farewell to excessive watering, reduce fertilizer usage, and welcome thriving landscapes in harmony with nature.

Clean Planet Program

Water plays a vital role in agricultural production, but the occurrence of water shortages and droughts has resulted in soil desertification and salinization.  The further use of chemical fertilizers to stimulate plant/crop growth causes more damage to the soil and the environment long term. These issues pose significant challenges to the sustainable development of agriculture and food security. Enhancing the efficiency of water utilisation holds immense importance in the field of agriculture.

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